An Interactive Drinking Game By Benjamin Rivers

This unique party game turns any gathering into an alcohol-fueled adventure! Download it for free, boot it up, plug in an Atari joystick—and watch even the saddest shindig turn from why? to wow!



How to Play

Use the Atari joystick to punch left, right, up and down! The longer the rampage, the more Chain Bonus Points™ you'll see in the upper-left-hand corner.

Once you reach Maximum Chain™ mode, the screen will flash—that's your cue to press the red button on the Atari joystick, take a drink, and pass the controller to the person next to you!

Continue until somebody forgets their name, the police arrive, or the cruel rays of dawn scatter your guests back home!


Unlimited Action!

Chug chug chug!   Use the proper controller technique for maximum performance!
Enjoy the power of Dynamic Drinking Gameplay™!   If you wanna drink, you gotta fight!



Presentation Excitement!

Watch the thrilling first public appearance of Drunken Rampage at the April 15th, 2010 Hand Eye Society Social.


Drunken Rampage is best played with an Atari joystick.

Buy a Classic USB Joystick from
Legacy Engineering
or get an adaptor
and use your own!


DOWNLOAD   System requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7
Gamepad support: Yes, native